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Seasonal Days Only July - November. Justus Orchard is a family-owned and operated farm located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The farm specializes in apple picking and offers a variety of activities and events for visitors.

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The Cow Train! Kids have a blast, and it's a prime opportunity to get embarrassing photos of parents ;)


The fresh pies and donuts baked daily!





One of the main attractions at Justus Orchard is the apple orchard, where visitors can pick their own apples directly from the trees. The farm offers a variety of apple varieties, including Gala, Honeycrisp, and Fuji, as well as other fruits such as peaches, blackberries, and pumpkins, depending on the season. The farm also offers pre-picked fruits for those who prefer not to pick their own.

In addition to apple picking, Justus Orchard features a farm store that sells a variety of fresh produce, including apples, cider, vegetables, jams, and baked goods. The store also sells souvenirs, gifts, and seasonal decorations. Visitors can also enjoy a hayride around the farm, visit the farm animals, and explore the corn maze during the fall season.

Overall, Justus Orchard is a popular destination for visitors seeking a family-friendly farm experience that combines outdoor recreation, fresh produce, and community events.

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What fruits are available for u-pick at Justus Orchard?

Justus Orchard specializes in apple picking, but visitors can also pick peaches, blackberries, and pumpkins depending on the season.

Are pets allowed on the farm?

While pets are not allowed in the orchard, they are welcome on the farm in designated areas on a leash. Service animals are allowed throughout the farm.

Is there an admission fee to visit Justus Orchard?

There is no admission fee to visit the orchard, but visitors pay for the fruits or other products they purchase, as well as any activities they participate in.