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Kayaking on the Green River

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The Green River Narrows Race. Whether you are spectating via the live feed, hiking in, paddling in, or racing, this annual tradition draws the best in the world and is known as the “Greatest Show in Sports.”


This is prime surf n’ turf territory! “What is a surf n’ turf?” you might ask… well, this sacred ritual is completed when an outdoor enthusiast (often with a high degree of Stoke) kayaks and bikes in the same day. And it doesn’t get better than a Green River Gorge surf n’ turf!

Green River Kayaking

The Green River is world-famous amongst the whitewater kayaking community. It is truly unique in that it has something for every type of kayaker (from class I – V+), flows through a pristine and protected canyon, runs 300+ days per year due to the Northbrook dam upstream, and in its tightest and steepest section flows through a rumbling granite amphitheater. Generally speaking, the river is divided into three sections. The Upper Green’s class III-IV whitewater is great for intermediate kayakers, beginners will enjoy the Class I-II shoals of the Lower Green, and the middle section (the Narrows) is a cornerstone for expert and elite kayakers.

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Is the Green River clean?

The green river has met the EPA standards for health. After heavy rains, swimming should be avoided due to run-off.

Where is the Green River?

The recreational sections of the Green River run 13.3 miles and are accessed by roads near Hendersonville and Saluda.

When is the river accessible?

The river is accessible during a predetermined dam release. These releases can be determined from the Green River Flows site or by contacting Green River Adventures.