Hendersonville, NC Team ECCO Aquarium & Shark Lab


Team ECCO Aquarium & Shark Lab is an aquarium and science center located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The aquarium's focus is on education and conservation, particularly related to sharks and other marine creatures.

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16 minutes


$12 = seniors (65+), $10 = military personnel, $6 = children ages 4-12, Free = children under 4 years old

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One unique feature of Team ECCO Aquarium & Shark Lab is their much anticipated Shark Feeding time scheduled at 1PM.


One fun fact about Team ECCO Aquarium & Shark Lab is that they are the first inland aquarium in NC noted also for their innovative education programs and marine science internships.





The facility features a variety of exhibits showcasing marine life, including live sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, and a touch tank with interactive displays. The aquarium also has a coral reef exhibit with live coral and tropical fish, as well as displays about local freshwater ecosystems.

In addition to the exhibits, Team ECCO offers educational programs for all ages, including school field trips, summer camps, and workshops. These programs cover a range of topics related to marine science, from marine biology to oceanography to marine conservation.

One of the unique features of Team ECCO is its Shark Lab, which allows visitors to observe and interact with live sharks and other marine animals. The Shark Lab features a variety of species of sharks, including nurse sharks, sand tiger sharks, and blacktip sharks, as well as other marine animals such as rays and sea stars.

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